Pays for itself immediately

Honest Reviewer

It Pays For Itself Almost Immediately – Easy To Use! “I’m not a regular wine drinker. Typically if I have a taste for it, I drink half of it and re-cork the bottle and put it back in the fridge. Rarely do I get back to it for a few days. And when I do, […]


Marisko’s Review

Useful, high quality wine saver!  “I am thrilled with my new Wine Saver vacuum pump! I hate wasting wine and sometimes, after a glass, you realize that it’s not a wine night and you’re left with the opened bottle. Even if I use it just for cooking, I like to preserve it in the right […]

Glass of White Wine

Preventing wine spoilage

William G. Griswold from the department of computer science & engineering, University of California, San Diego, is also known as The San Diego Wine Dilettante and in this capacity has written about Storing, Serving, and Drinking Wine at In the section on Finishing and Saving he says: “If you are not finishing the wine, […]

Speedy Delivery

Feedback from Ken Taylor

Absolutely amazing seller and top-notch service. I liked everything speed of shipping, quality of product and definitely will deal with this seller in future.I definitely recommend to follow up this seller and pay attention to excellent service which they provide. Absolutely happy that I encountered your company. A+++++++” Buyer Feedback from Ken Taylor […]

Review Kristen

Review from Kristen

My wine stays fresh!!! “Whenever I’ve opened a bottle of wine & put the cork back in. It tastes terrible the next day. Not anymore!! This wine pump is so easy to use!!! My wine stays fresh!! I received this item at a discounted rate for my honest and unbiased review.” See the review here

Stopper on a bottle

Review by Chan

Preserve flavor   “I usually use the cork  that comes with the wine and some times I have to peel away some of the cork to fit it back on the bottle unless its the plastic type but It does not vacuum seal the wine bottle so it ends up loosing its taste. Because I […]

Two Stoppers

Review by Kindle Customer

Saves Wine! As the only wine drinking in my household I needed something like this so I didn’t feel compelled to finish off a bottle every time I opened one. lol jk I like that it comes with two stoppers so I can have two bottles open– red and a white. I haven’t had it […]


Review by The Butlers “Pany”

No more spills   “The other day I opened a bottle of wine, which for me is rocket science. I put the cork back in and layed in on it’s side in the refrigerator which was a big no no because the cork wasn’t pushed in all the way. So the next time I pushed […]