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Introducing Hot Hut Stuff's First Amazon Product...

Wine Saver Vacuum Pump with Patented Stoppers...

Wine Saver Features:
Extends the life of your wine up to 30 days by removing the oxygen from the bottle and preventing bacteria from entering the bottle and spoiling your wine.
Includes 1 vacuum pump & 2 food grade ABS plastic & silica gel stoppers with vacuum seal date indicators.
The design is compliant with international standards so stoppers fit all red and white wine bottles.
Air is pumped out of the bottle by pulling up the handle until it is hard to pull. The bottle is then vacuum sealed.
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Hot Hut Stuff Wine Saver Vacuum Pump with Guarantee
Hot Hut Stuff Wine Saver Vacuum Pump Instructions for Use
Hot Hut Stuff Wine pump and box

Wine Saver is Well Packaged

The vacuum pump and stoppers are packed in a plastic tray so that each fits snugly and there is no movement during shipping. The tray fits neatly into the outer box ensuring your pump arrives in top condition.

Patented Vacuum Stopper

Patented Stopper

Vacuum pump set with packaging

Boxes and pump
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