What a Journey


Well, what a journey it has been to get our Amazon business going.

After buying the ASM training program we were all excited and keen to get going and that enthusiasm carried us through the time-consuming and sometimes exasperating process of sourcing a product to start with; one with a good chance of selling on Amazon and one we were happy to be associated with.

So we came up with our choice, a wine saver vacuum pump made by a company that specialized in vacuum sealed products and used a patented design for the stoppers on the model we chose.

Hot Hut Stuff Wine Saver Vacuum Pump

Hot Hut Stuff Wine Saver Vacuum Pump

Then came the branding process and we worked long hours getting the design to go on the pumps to make our product unique and then artwork for the packaging boxes. There were many choices, from cardboard with blister pack to various box type solutions. We decided upon a plastic tray insert to hold the pump and two stoppers securely during shipping and a white box on which we could display our product details and instructions for use clearly.

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