Sale Extended for Independence Day


5Dollar Off Sale ExtendedWith US Independence Day coming up very soon, Kathi & Trish have extended their $5 Off sale.

Their wine saver, marketed under the Hot Hut Stuff label, will preserve leftover wine up to 14 days. This saves wastage, especially if you buy an expensive wine for a special occasion and don’t want to drink it all in one sitting. Just set the date indicator ring on the top of the stoppers so you’ll always know how long your wine has been preserved.

Hot Hut Stuff Wine pump and boxHot Hut Stuff’s Wine Saver Vacuum Pump kit consists of a small efficient red pump and two patented vacuum stoppers. They are packaged in a plastic tray that ensures the contents are well protected throughout delivery and handling all enclosed in an attractive red & black box.

Our wine preservation packs make great gifts for your friends, family or business acquaintances, especially if accompanied by a bottle of your recipient’s favorite wine!

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