Two More Positive Reviews


works-greatThis is what Amanda had to say about the Hot Hut Stuff Wine Saver.
“Works Great Would Buy Again”....
That’s great Amanda, thanks for the feedback

(Deleted by Amazon – not enough detail)

Brian G. says
“So far so good. Had this for a few weeks now and managed to seal three bottles. Only left it for a day or two so I didn’t need to re-pump. Everything was fine. I would prefer it without the big cheesy graphic on the side. You cannot go wrong with this wine saver and if you get this on sale as I did then it is even better!”

See Brian’s review here

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Trish says:

Thanks for the feedback Brian and we understand that not everyone likes our logo, but it does make our wine preserver stand out from the others on the market and that was the purpose of such a big design.

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