Jenny LeMay Review


Jenny says… “We have company over every Thursday and I love to have a few glasses of wine…

Date Indicator …But no one else drinks it and I end up dumping a half a bottle out each week. This is really easy to use. Put one of the stoppers on the top of your bottle, place the vacuum on and give it a few pumps.That’s it. I’m no wine expert but I put one on my bottle one week and it tasted the same the following week. My friend ended up ordering one for her mom. There is a neat little date indicator too, so you don’t have to taste it to find out if it bad. I love it! I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.”

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2 Responses to Jenny LeMay Review

Hi Jenny, we’re grateful to you for writing a lengthy review for our Hot Hut Stuff wine saver. It’s always good to know that it works as well for other people as it does for us.
I am a light drinker myself and hate wasting wine so being able to reseal the bottle so I can drink the rest later on has been a boon for me.
Hope your friend’s mom is happy with her gift.

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