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Preserve flavor


Stopper on a bottle“I usually use the cork  that comes with the wine and some times I have to peel away some of the cork to fit it back on the bottle unless its the plastic type but It does not vacuum seal the wine bottle so it ends up loosing its taste. Because I am the only one in my house to drink wine I end up leaving half the bottle. With the Wine saver vacuum pump I just place the cap that comes with it, pump and it’s air tight seal so that I can preserve it for a longer time, won’t loss flavor. Opened the wine a week later and flavor was still there as if fresh open.”

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Thanks for your review Chan. I know what you mean about being the only wine drinker in the house, it can put subtle pressure on you to drink a bit more so not so much is wasted and the wine saver has helped me with that; glad that it’s working for you too.

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