Review by The Butlers “Pany”


No more spills


Hot Hut Stuff Wine Saver with Box“The other day I opened a bottle of wine, which for me is rocket science. I put the cork back in and layed in on it’s side in the refrigerator which was a big no no because the cork wasn’t pushed in all the way. So the next time I pushed the cork in to hard and couldn’t get it back out to save my life. This little pump is a game changer. It comes with a pump and 2 caps. I just put the cap on and pump the air out. It recommends not laying a bottle on it’s side but some bottles are just to big standing straight up if you wanna keep it cold. I tried it, 24 hours later no spills or leaks. Im impressed. I did receive this product at a discounted rate for my honest and unbiased review.”

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