Puss Peepin’ | Witcher 3 DLC [Blood and Wine] pt.4 | LIVE on PC


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The First Wave of Sponsors, thanks guys!
1. The Razorman.
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3. Vilmaril.

Conversation Rules:.
Do not be aggravating.

1. What controller do you utilize to play non fightan vidya?
1a. Xbox Elite.
2. What controller do you make use of to play FIGHTAN VIDYA?
2a. Qanba Dragon.
3. What do you make use of to videotape COMPUTER video?
3a. Nvidia Shadowplay.
4. Just what do you utilize to videotape console video?
4a. Elgato HD 60 Pro.
5. Exactly what do you utilize to stream?
5a. Open Up Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS Studio).

Computer system specs:.
i7 6700k.
GTX 1080 Ti.
2x PNY 480GB SSD.
Windows 10.

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