Wine Saver Vacuum Pump Now Selling at


Newly released on is the Wine Saver Vacuum Pump from Hot Hut Stuff, an Australian business bringing exciting and quality kitchen wares to the market in both US and Australia.

Hot Hut Stuff Wine Saver Vacuum Pump with GuaranteeHot Hut Stuff is the brainchild of Trish Findlay and Kathi Tait  who are a mother/daughter team sharing their enthusiasm for innovative kitchen products with other regular people like themselves.

While not a completely new product this edition of the Wine Saver Vacuum Pump has some very exciting features such as the patented vacuum seals on the deluxe stoppers which also have a particularly useful date indicator ring to remind you how long you have stored your wine.

The patented vacuum seal has been tested to last well over 14 days as opposed to many older versions of the tool which have been reported to seal for only 3 or 4 days. This makes sure that leftover wine does not oxidize which ruins the flavor and taste of the wine. The pump is very easy to use with a vacuum achieved after only 6 or so pumps. A video demonstration is available on their website

The vacuum pump itself is a very stylish black and red unit made of quality materials. It comes in attractive packaging that is sturdy but lightweight for posting and if bought from Amazon there is free postage within the US available for purchases over $35.

Feedback on this product has already been strongly positive in Australia with tons of purchasers emailing how much they love this edition. Hot Hut Stuff has a very strong product for the marketplace and they are a welcome addition to the home wares market.


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