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New Product Release: Wine Saver Vacuum Pump With Patented Stoppers Incorporating A Date Indicator

Newcomer to the Kitchenware Product supply range is Hot Hut Stuff, an Australian business breaking into the American market with the launch of their latest product. This product is probably a familiar one but Hot Hut Stuff co-creators Trish Findlay and Kathi Tait have sourced a high quality stopper with a patented vacuum seal incorporating a handy date indicator.

Trish and Kathi are a mother/daughter team who started their business to share their passion for innovative kitchen products with other everyday people like themselves. Their product, the Wine Saver Vacuum Pump, is a new take on an old favorite sourced from the highest quality supplier and imported into the United States of America and Australia.

The patented vacuum seal has been tested to last well over two weeks as opposed to older versions of the tool which seal for only 3 or 4 days. This ensures your leftover wine does not oxidize which ruins the flavor and taste of the wine. The date indicator is also a great feature ensuring you don’t forget how long your wine has been stored. The pump is very easy to use with a vacuum achieved after only 6 or so pumps.

The product itself is a stylish red and black and is made of quality materials. The packaging is a sturdy and brightly coloured box with a plastic tray inside to ensure the contents stability during shipping and handling.

Newly released today, this product is sure to be a popular addition to many homes, bars and cafes in the US and Australasia. A video demonstration of the pump in action can be viewed on their website

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