“Pinot Noir” The Holy Grail of Wine


Pinot Noir: The Holy Grail of Wine is a real tale of misfortune, battle, and also love in between the hardest grape – Pinot Noir, as well as a man whose interest for Pinot Noir would certainly stop at nothing in pursuit of her elegance. Teased by his dependency to Pinot Noir’s mysterious attraction, John Saemann, an inexperienced wannabe vintner, is attracted to the magic of Sonoma Mountain, where he pursues his very own vision of the Holy Grail of Wine – Clouds Rest.

John is, nonetheless, not aware that he will encounter years of tests, adversities, and also misfortune in the vineyard as well as in the winery. He takes the challenge of centuries to attempt the impossible and also invests his spirit and passion hoping his winery can leave a heritage on the planet of great Pinot Noir.

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