Making Wine at Home


Making wine at home is becoming very popular around the globe

The largest one is the cost of vineyard production and it’s likely that we will see bottles of wine at liquor outlets double in the near future.

Recently there has been an increase in “How to” guides published the net. They are all fairly practical in the way they advise a novice to get started. The fact is, you can make high quality wine, even of award winning quality, in your home, in a 5 or 6 gallon food grade bucket.

Some prep work and equipment is required for all but the very basic of the described methods; also sugar, yeats and chemicals are needed, but the how-to guides or starter kits have full instructions.

Other than the cost savings (you could make your own wine for about 25 cents a bottle), there is also the satisfaction and enjoyment of doing it yourself and if the result is really drinkable (every batch may not be in the beginning) you can invite friends and family round to help drink it and be proud of you achievement.

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