Maggie’s Powtoon Wine Story


Meet Maggie, she likes to have a glass of wine with her dinner.

Trouble is she only likes to have one or maybe two glasses in one night, BUT… if she leaves some in the bottle, it goes sour and that makers her mad because she has to throw it out. What a waste!

So Maggie said, “I’ll research and find a solution to this problem”. That night on her laptop Maggie searched the internet fo wine preservation and on she found a wine saver with two vacuum stoppers that she liked the look of sold by Hot Hut Stuff.

Maggie placed an order. “Just what I need” she said; “one for my white and one for my red”!

The parcel was soon delivered by Dave her friendly delivery man and when she opened it Maggie was pleased to see that it was well packaged, had good instructions and a guarantee. She opened a red wine that night to try her new wine preserver out.

Just put a stopper over the wine bottle neck, hold it firmly in place with the same hand and with the other hand pump the handle up and down a few times. It was easy to use as promised and Maggie found the pump created a seal easily when she followed the instructions on the box.

Now Maggie is very happy, her wine stays fresh and no more wastage. She’s so pleased she’s buying all her friends one of these wine savers for Christmas; they make great gifts especially with a bottle of a favorite wine as well.

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