Who Are We?

Trish and Kathi,  a mother/daughter team who have worked together before, are combining once more to start a business that shares their passion for innovative kitchen products.


Both ladies live in Brisbane, Queensland. They are Kiwi born but have been Australian citizens for 25+ years and have lived on each side of this big country, including time in the remote north of Western Australia where everything outside of the very ordinary is purchased online.

This experience has almost certainly fueled Kathi & Trish's desire to bring products that are not available locally to everyone, whatever their location. There are many time and waste saving gadgets out there and it is always fun to search and find them; any added health benefits  they provide are a bonus.

Their first product, a Wine Saver Vacuum Pump was chosen with these things in mind. There is:

  • the cost saving of not having to throw out wine that is not consumed at one time so goes sour in the bottle
  • the safety factor of not feeling obliged to "finish the bottle" and then drive
  • even just at home, just not drink more than is healthy for them

Research for the next product is underway already; stay tuned to find out what it will be!

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