Do you enjoy a glass or two of wine but don't want to drink the whole bottle?

I'm sure you know from experience that any leftover wine goes off if you don't finish it, even when you put the cork back. You probably also know why - the air in the bottle causes oxidation and during that process the wine goes sour. So the trick is to find a system or gadget to extract the air - right?

Well, we believe that our wine saver vacuum pump is just the thing you need. It's inexpensive, easy to use and in tests has kept wine fresh for up to 30 days, although most people only stored it from 10 to 12 days. They found that if they had vacuum sealed their bottles correctly with the Hot Hut Stuff pump and stopper, the wine was just as fresh when re-opened as it was when first opened.

It’s a very stylish black and red unit and the seals are unique as they have an outer rubber rim ensuring a snug fit over the wine bottle neck and there’s a handy date indicator on the top so you’ll never forget how long you’ve stored your wine.  Just 5 or 6 pumps and you’re done, it’s so easy to use - see the video demo on this page.

It’s beautifully packaged and lightweight for posting and not only does Amazon offer free postage when you buy 2 units they also have a 30 day money back guarantee!

These little wine saver sets make great gifts for family & friends, especially when accompanied by a bottle of wine. Check them out today!

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